Mass Email Marketing Software – Minus the Email Marketing Software

Making it into the INBOX is a challenge encountered by anyone who has ever wielded mass email marketing software. A few questions exist. First, what is it that stands between you and your subscriber list? Second, why does it seem that it is getting increasingly difficult to stay in touch with subscribers? Finally, how does a marketer get messages read by subscribers?

Mass email marketing software is getting increasingly difficult to configure correctly. This is largely due to tightening restrictions in spam filters at internet services providers, email-hosting companies (servers), and even on client-side desktop email reader applications. A strict and constantly evolving set of rules exists to filter out unwanted email. The rules of these filters affects all variety of mass email marketing software messages, even those that have nothing to do with marketing at all! Specific keywords are scanned in the header, subject, and body of a message. If specific words show up beyond a certain threshold then the spam level of the message is raised and it is more likely to be filtered to the “Junk Mail” folder.

Furthermore, in many free web based email accounts, the delete and “Junk Mail” buttons are very close together. It is not uncommon for a subscriber to accidentally click a message as “Junk Mail”.  Once a reader has tagged a message as spam, the email server will be blacklisted.

How does a marketer get mass email marketing software messages to be read by subscribers? With an ever-changing set of rules, it is difficult to stay on top of the best techniques.  It can be a full time job attempting to keep your mail server off the blacklists. There is an emerging Desktop Sender technology that is on the cutting edge of customer contact.  Rather than sending messages via the existing email system and being bound by the filter restrictions imposed by ISP’s and mail servers; marketers can set messages directly to a subscriber’s *desktop*.

This new technology makes mass email marketing software outdated. A marketer can directly reach his subscriber list and know specifically who opened which message and when they did so. Messages can be scheduled for delivery with far greater precision than that of the average auto responder.